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A former stripper has claimed a club she worked for allegedly fined dancers for being drunk and for not taking off their underwear quicker. Jessica Clifford alleges she was unfairly sacked from Calender Girls for missing work and is seeking compensation from the New Zealand club. Documents included in a claim filed to the Employment Relations Authority by an advocacy group on her behalf alleges the year-old was underpaid and not given a fair share of tips. Jessica Clifford, 22, alleges in a claim for compensation she was unfairly sacked from Calendar Girls in Christchurch New Zealand stock image. According to Stuff , Calendar Girls strongly denies these claims. ... Read More
Mythbusters is ending, and I am sad. Everyone has a safety-net show. A show guaranteed to be broadcast on one channel or another at any time of day; a show that exists to stop you from sliding so far down your EPG that you end up in a murky morass of shopping and porn channels and endless identical Nigerian soap operas. Mine has always been Mythbusters. But they have been abnormally active in getting the show made. ... Read More
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One of these is Hithaeglir meaning mist-peak-line in Sindarin , one of the languages invented by Tolkien ; [2] this was misspelled as Hithaiglin on the original main map of The Lord of the Rings. Other alternative names are the Mountains of Mist or the Towers of Mist. A vision of the mountains is invoked in the first chapter: " Far over the misty mountains cold Further information about the mountains was added in Tolkien's subsequent publications. Mount Gundabad was where Durin awoke according to legend, though it was later an abode of Orcs. ... Read More
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