There are few better feelings in the world than seeing a girl lustily looking up at you while on her knees or in your lap and seeing and feeling your member in her mouth; and then grabbing her hair and moving her head around your lap as you sit back and enjoy the oh-so-wonderful ride. Here we go. It does not matter how many times I say it, you simply cannot up your sexual experiences with girls unless you make yourself a sexy man. You have to fully internalize that women love sex and that they will only fully open themselves up to men who understand that fact. Let me give you an example. ... Read More
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Some lists are based on particular moods, some commemorate certain people, and some are based on socio-historical topics. This page will provide information about the music and musicians on the playlists. There will also be links to music that is not available on Spotify. To mark the 50 th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, the Music of Asian America Research Center has created a Spotify playlist of songs created or performed by queer Asian American musicians. Throughout July, we will add—on this webpage—additional songs and performances by queer Asian American artists who are not on Spotify. ... Read More
Don't have an account yet? Who can blame withered geriatric John McCain for trying to broaden his appeal to Obama-aged voters and below by touting the endorsement of reggaeton superstar Daddy Yankee? And at Phoenix's Central High no less. Daddy Yankee real name Ramon Ayala , known for his crossover hit song Gasolina, a single off his Barrio Fino album, told assembled Central High students that McCain's "been a fighter for the Hispanic community," and "a fighter for the immigration issue. Of course, "gasolina" is Spanish for gasoline. ... Read More