Early age at first sexual intercourse is a particularly important variable for public health policy makers. In the light of the role played by the delay of first sexual intercourse and mutual monogamy in curtailing STI epidemics Halperin et al. However, the information concerning age of sexual initiation can be conveyed in different ways. Average ages at first sexual intercourse lack precision in describing the extent of sexual experience at different ages. They are sensitive to extreme values and sensitive to the ranges of ages of the persons included in the survey. ... Read More
With so many changes going on, you may not be thinking specifically about nutrition and pregnancy. You certainly may not be thinking about how choline benefits your growing baby. The nutrients in prenatal vitamins may vary considerably from brand to brand. Choline benefits your baby in a number of important ways. It may also help by reducing inflammation that could lead to pregnancy complications. ... Read More
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In my previous post I talked about what Transformers to buy for pre-teens. The Masterpiece line consists of new renditions of classic characters like Optimus Prime, Megatron, Grimlock, and Starscream, but made with exacting detail, diecast parts, incredible poseability, and lots and lots of accessories. What makes Masterpieces the toy to buy for adults is the fact that the transformations are pretty complex. Not too complex to make you tear your hair out, but it requires just the right number of steps to give you a sense of accomplishment, without sacrificing the intuitive transformations that come with any well-designed Transformers. There are two version — Takara or Hasbro. ... Read More
I mean, I wanted to devour all the chocolate and carbs in sight, but my feelings toward my spouse ranged from full-on rage if he so much as left the toilet seat up, to wanting to throttle him if he even lightly brushed up against me. My sore breasts, bloated stomach, and hormone-triggered migraines and constipation didn't help either. But then—after I moved past two pregnancies and a few years of breastfeeding, both of which made my hormones and cycles wonky—I noticed something strangely awesome started happening. I'd have my usual PMS symptoms, where even the thought of sex would make me nauseous. And then, the day before my period came, I would become horny as hell, demanding all the sex right now. ... Read More
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The provider is registered as an individual and her NPI record was last updated 10 years ago. According to Medicare claims data the provider has hospital affiliations with Firsthealth Moore Regional Hospital. Get Directions. Medicare hospital affiliation is identified through self-reporting data, inpatient, outpatient, physician and ancillary service claims linked by the Medicare claims NPI number and place of service code. Additionally, to further determine provider hospital affilition the clinician must have provided services to at least three patients on three different dates in the last 12 months. ... Read More
We believe private financing will change the lending world just like Uber changed transportation. However, many shrewd investors realized that speed of approval is just as important as low rates. This is where private hard money loans come into the picture — with a turnaround of days, not weeks — you can secure financing on a deal that requires a fast close and beat other investors with a better offer. Investors looking to purchase multifamily properties in North Dakota who are looking to close fast or with credit issues can secure capital with private hard money loans. Considered by many as the safest real estate investment, apartment buildings in North Dakota enjoy low vacancy rates and good cap rates. ... Read More