March Using WWW::Myspace for commenting, messaging, or adding friends will probably get your Myspace account deleted or disabled. It provides a simple interface for scripts to log in, access lists of friends, scan user's profiles, retreive profile data, send messages, and post comments. This module is designed to help you automate and centralize redundant tasks so that you can better handle keeping in personal touch with numerous friends or fans, or coordinate fan communications among multiple band members. This module operates well within MySpace's security measures. If you're looking for a spambot, this ain't it. ... Read More
This beta's object model is easily programmable and provides all the advanced properties and methods required to generate both MS Word and RTF documents. The C1Word generated documents can also be stored in file system for later use, or in any database that supports file streams. Some standard use-cases supported by C1Word are -. If you want to modify any existing Word document, you can parse the document elements and also modify them using C1Word Library. This helps you to modify the document programmatically at runtime. ... Read More
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This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. The Combination locks are around the same price I hate Combination locks!! Using this for my work gym locker. Small lock but does the job well :- Happy customer. ... Read More
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We are all about SKIN!! All facials include skin consultation. Following the steps of cleanse, exfoliate, extract, tailored infusion mask and finishing customised infusion this is a great starting point! The Hydration Boost is designed for those feeling like they are looking dull or lacking bounce in their skin. It will leave the skin looking instantly plump and rejuvenated. ... Read More
Ronnie Wood's ex-wife says she's had a number of bizarre experiences with UFOs and aliens over the years. The model ex-wife of Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood says she saw flying spaceships a number of times while touring with the band. The year-old says she first saw a UFO over 20 years ago, while she was on a beach in Brazil. Jo, who shares three kids with Ronnie, said it was around midnight one night when Ronnie spotted something in the sky and shouted for her to come and look. She described seeing a "strange object" hovering over the ocean with shining lights that reflected off the water. ... Read More
Avant diet bi polar Avant diet bi polar 1 min read
By Dr Joanna Moncrieff. Bipolar disorder has become the 'fashionable' mental health diagnosis - helped, no doubt, by the fact that many celebrities, including Catherine Zeta-Jones and Stephen Fry, have said they, too, are sufferers. But as a new book reveals, the readiness with which so many people are being diagnosed as bipolar means they're needlessly prescribed heavy-duty drugs - with serious consquences for their health Psychiatrists are interested in drugs because we use a lot of them. Celebrity sufferers: Both Stephen Fry and Catherine Zeta-Jones are bipolar, contributing to its increasing vogue as a diagnosis. ... Read More
Blonde stereotypes are stereotypes of blond-haired women. Sub-types include the " blonde bombshell " and the " dumb blonde ". There are many blonde jokes made on these premises. Although chiefly aimed at women, jokes of this style have also been aimed at similar stereotypes associated with men, such as the " dumb jock " and the " surfer dude". There are several aspects to the stereotypical perception of blonde - haired women. ... Read More