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Sheep are a prey species, and their only defense is to flee. Sheep display an intensely gregarious social instinct that allows them to bond closely to other sheep and preferentially to related flock members. Flock mentality movements protect individuals from predators. Ewes tend to stay in their maternal groups for life, whereas rams may form transient, unstable, and easily disbanded bachelor herds. Under standard grazing situations, sheep graze together in casual affiliations; social hierarchies are not as apparent as they are for cattle. ... Read More
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Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. High blood pressure , high LDL cholesterol and smoking are risk factors for heart disease and, according to the CDC , about half of Americans have at least one of those three risk factors. The study enrolled women from various clinics across the state of Michigan during their pregnancies, between and After an average of 11 years, the women participated in a follow-up health assessment, and were asked how long they breastfed after each pregnancy. Those are also factors that influence heart health. ... Read More
She chats with year-old Talitha Ruiters, who was the winner of the Hectic Nine Also in , she went on to reach 2nd place in the Suidoosterfees Talent Search in and performed at the Divas Unite concert at the GrandWest Arena. The three share their experience of the World Choir Games and tell us who the women are that inspire them. At 12, you are exceptionally fortunate Dirja Lekas. A heartfelt gratitude from proudmom. ... Read More
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These examinations often involve doctors or other medical personnel forcibly inserting their fingers, and sometimes other objects, into the anus of the accused. Law enforcement officials and some medical personnel claim that by doing so they can determine the tone of the anal sphincter or the shape of the anus and draw conclusions as to whether or not the accused person has engaged in homosexual conduct. This argument is based on long-discredited 19 th century science: the overwhelming weight of medical and scientific opinion holds that it is impossible to use these exams to determine whether a person has regularly engaged in same-sex conduct. Forced anal examinations are a form of cruel, degrading, and inhuman treatment that can rise to the level of torture. Forced anal exams are invasive, intrusive, and profoundly humiliating. ... Read More
O ne day during his last year at primary school, Jon Adams drew a picture of a street in Portsmouth, the city where he still lives. The scene he drew had no people in it, but its representation of everything else suggested a talent beyond his years. Adams was asked to write his name on the back, an instruction that threw up a choice. He had difficulties with writing, and he knew his class teacher could be cruel. The teacher called Adams to the front of the class. ... Read More